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The time you sleep represents a third of your life and has a huge impact on how you function during the remaining two-third of your life. So, sleeping well is vital for your mental and physical wellbeing.

The Sleep@10 Pledge is to get you started on the path to good sleep.

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How many hours do you sleep in the night before an exam or an important day?

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What Kind of Mattress Do You Sleep On?

  • Stuffed cotton Mattress (42%)
  • Foam Mattress (20%)
  • Coir Mattress (18%)
  • Others (13%)
  • Spring Mattress (7%)

Total Voters: 713

Did you know?

sleep-term-book Sleep Term of the Week


Sleep paralysis is a transient period with inability to move or speak which occurs during sleep and wake transition or vice versa.

These events can be very terrifying and distressing to the patient.

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