Apps That Help You Sleep Better

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We’ve persistently advocated the positive impact of a healthy sleep schedule on your well-being. Today we will tell you how technology can help you sleep better. If you are one of those people who can sleep soundly without any fuss, stop reading right here. While we discourage the use of all kinds of gadgets and devices in the bedroom, we shall make an exception for those of us who are not that blessed. For those who need help in winding down before falling into deep sleep, there is help in your smart phone.

As much as we all want to sleep longer than what we usually do, there are many surrounding factors that keep us from getting a good night’s sleep. Lifestyle patterns, noise, stress, eating habits- it all builds up and eats into your mental and physical health. If you see yourself going down that road, here are five apps to help you sleep better.

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better use of gadgets and devices for sleeping



Calm Mobile app for sleeping


This app helps you learn the art of meditation not only as a pre-cursor to fall asleep, but as well as to increase productivity and reduce stress. If you don’t care much about meditating, head straight to their ‘sleep’ section and get ready to enter the magical world of bedtime stories. Yes you heard it right- bed time stories are not restricted to only children. This app has sleep stories narrated by soothing voices that help you fall asleep. They have fiction, non-fiction, nature essays and also stories for kids.

Sleep Genius

Price: Rs.340/-


Known as the app that helped astronauts at NASA sleep well, the Sleep Genius does a lot more than helping you wake refreshed every morning. Designed by sleep experts, its neuro-sensory algorithms, binaural beats and natural sleep rhythms work like a miracle and help you sleep deeply. It also has multiple features such as the relaxation program and power nap that are designed for specific sleep schedules.

sleep genius for better sleep

Baby Shusher

Price: Rs.312/-

Baby Shusher app for babies to sleep

A real blessing for perpetually sleep-deprived new parents, this one is specifically designed to monitor sleeping patterns of infants and toddlers. This app creates rhythmic sounds that are very similar to sounds inside the womb. These sounds work as lullabies and shush babies to sleep. The app also informsyouon your baby’s sleep schedule, time left for the nextsnooze and a lot more. By putting your baby to sleep without you having to stay awake diligently, this app in turn also gives you more time to sleep.

Pillow (available only on the Apple store)



If you’re curious about what happens within your brain while you’re asleep, get Pillow. This app helps you understand the REM and NREM cycles of your sleep. Ideally an entire sleep cycle should last 90 to 100 minutes with NREM stage dominating most part of it. Before you reach out for your phone every morning, Pillow sends you a detailed report of the four sleep stages. Tied up with the Apple watch or wearable, its advanced algorithms are programmed to monitor your heart rate, determine how well you’ve slept and calculate the right time to wake you up.

pillow app for sleeping faster


Price: Rs.54/-


Abrupt sounds like a blaring horn or annoying ones like a dripping tap won’t let you sleep peacefully. This is when SimplyNoise app comes to the rescue with its noise cancelling solution. SimplyNoise is one such app creates an atmosphere conducive to sleep and has three variants of sound that you can pick from – white, pink and brown. You simply have to choose the noise you prefer based on its pitch, set the preferred volume and the drift off to sleep. With sounds crafted by sound engineers, SimplyNoise helps you find the noise that best helps you fall asleep.

To make you aware about your sleep and its impact on your health, we put together resources that you can use. Take the Sleep-O-Meter test and find out your ‘sleep score’. Take the Sleep@10 pledge because you owe yourself adequate sleep. To read more about benefits of sleeping and tips to sleep well, check out Sleep Secrets - our official blog that has all the information you need.

If you still have any concerns or questions, ask our sleep expert and get all your sleep related doubts cleared. Check out our Celebrity Buzz section to see what celebrities have to say about sleeping on time and how it has helped them do better during the day.



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