Common Sleep Mistakes

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Our hectic day-to-day life usually leaves us tiring and in search for a good night’s sleep. However more often than not we find ourselves failing to achieve the peaceful sleep that we aim for.

There are some common mistakes that we all do that disturb our natural sleep cycle. Some of these mistakes can be resolved without much ado, whereas others may require serious efforts.

So, let’s have a look at the problems and their possible solutions.

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Sleeping on time for good sleep

Trend of Weekend Catch-up sleep

This is one of the most common mistakes that people make i.e. try to make up for weekday sleep loss on weekends. This extra sleeping on weekends has zero benefits and is actually the primary cause for throwing the body clock out of sync.

A person needs 6-9 hours of daily sleep to effectively function the next day therefore compensating for loss of weekday sleep over weekends is futile. Maintain regularity of sleep-wake cycle on all seven days for better sleep and health.

alcohol doesn’t help to sleep well

Alcohol helps sleep well…really??

This is a myth which has been scientifically debunked. Alcohol just dulls your senses and though it may seem to induce sleep in reality it disturbs the natural sleep pattern i.e. you end up tossing and turning in your bed the whole night.

The end result is you wake up feeling tried and fatigued instead of rested and refreshed. So for a good night’s sleep bid adieu to that tempting 60ml nightcap.

Bright Lights Vs Dim lights

Our brain responds to light so ensure that as your bedtime approaches you switch off fluorescent or bright lights and switch on dim or yellow led lights to create a positive sleep environment. To ensure that you are not exposed to any bright lights when sleeping (sources within as well as outside your bedroom) you may use an eye patch and put up black-out curtains.

This change in ambient lights will send signals to your brain to initiate the process of producing sleep hormones to help sleep faster and longer.

Snoring is a serious problem

Loud snoring is known to be one of the common causes of sleep related problems especially for the partner. People who snore are usually unaware of their problem however it’s their partner’s sleep that is often sacrificed due to this problem.

So, if your partner does snore loudly when sleeping ask them (politely of course) to consult a doctor immediately to get your quality sleep.

snoring can disturb other sleep
Watching TV late night disrupts the natural sleep cycle

Watching TV does not help sleep

Most of us feel that watching television after a long day at work or home will help us unwind and sleep better. However it does exactly the opposite. Studies have shown that watching television at bedtime will not only delay sleep but make staying asleep and waking-up also a challenging task. The reason for this is that the light emitted from TV screen keeps the brain alert thereby disrupting the natural sleep cycle. Secondly if you have watched something on the telly that has triggered an emotional response (happiness, sadness, or fear) you are less likely to get a sound sleep at night.

So if you’re feeling sleep deprived take immediate steps to fix it by either applying the above solutions or by consulting a sleep doctor. Because it's only with adequate sleep that one can help their body to maintain a perfect balance between mental and physical fitness.



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