Dear Dad, Don’t Be Harsh On Yourself

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“Fatherhood is the toughest job you will ever love”

There is no better way than this to describe today’s new generation of hands-on fathers. Right from the time they find out about the impending arrival of their little one to midnight feeds, washing dirty bottoms- they’re part of it all. To top it, they’re thoroughly enjoying it!

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Supermoms, step aside. It is time to make way for the superdads! Yes, we are talking about fathers who willingly take care of their little ones, take charge of the house and chase work commitments – all at the same time. Gone are the days when a father’s share of parenting would limit to only ‘babysitting’ for few hours over the weekend. Firm believers in equally shared parenting,the new-generation father is ready to take responsibility and be there when his child needs him. Many fathers today are also proud stay-at-home dads, a concept yet unknow to many!

So dear dads, as much as you may feel the urge to experience the joys of parenting, remember that constant sleep deprivation takes a toll on your health. Sleepless nights have a lasting impact on physical and mental health. Being a parent is a demanding job and it worsens the situation for you. While it is advisable to sleep for a minimum of 8 hours everyday, it is obviously difficult to adhere to a routine when you are in charge of a restless, hyperactive toddler.

Only if you take good care of yourself, will you be able to pay it forward to your little one. Here are five pointers that you can keep in mind while you continue being the awesome dad that you are:


Take power naps

A quick siesta at the office or even at home will rejuvenate you like nothing else. If you are at home with your baby, try to sleep when the baby sleeps. At work, take permission to use the office dorm to catch a wink.

Outsource chores

Parenting is overwhelming. You feel like doing it all but you should know where to draw the line. Hire help if you can afford it or you’ll find yourself tired to the bone by the end of the day.

Eat right

Pick foods that help you fall asleep faster. These include almonds, walnuts, cottage cheese, honey and rice. Avoid alcohol and smoking as they stimulate the body and make it difficult for you to fall asleep.

Take a bath

If you can, get into the bath with your little one. A shower before bedtime is known to relax your body and mind. Not only will this put your child to sleep but it will also help you sleep soundly

Get a good mattress

Lack of a proper sleep routine has already disturbed your sleep cycle. The one way you can make it better is to ensure you give your back a good rest. Always use a good quality mattress that supports your back when you’re sleeping.

All of you dads reading this, we are in awe of you! Parenting is a life-long responsibility and the joy you will experience is unparalleled. While you are doing a fantastic job as a responsible father, don’t forget to take your health and your sleep seriously. Trust us – you will thank yourself in the long run.



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