Some Interesting Day-time Napping Cultures around the Globe

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We live in a very diverse world where our cultures with respect to what we eat, wear and do are primarily based on the surrounding environment.

The one thing that is common across the globe is that everyone needs a midday nap to recharge their super power for the hard day ahead. It may surprise you to know that many countries have a well-defined culture with regards to napping, the only difference lies in how, where and when they practice it.

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Here’s a list of some unique napping rituals followed by certain countries that they probably tempt you to migrate there.


Japanese possess the power of "inemuri": Japanese have developed a special siesta time called "inemuri" to catch-up on lost sleep. It literally means sleeping while being present or sleeping on the job for example, during meetings, on the bench, in trains, and even when standing in a queue. In any other part of the world napping during meetings would label you as being lazy and incompetent, but in Japan people who practice “inemuri” are considered to be dedicated and hardworking employees...HUH!!

Scandinavians and their "al fresco" naps: Scandinavian parents practice the napping tradition of "al fresco" i.e. they leave their toddlers (in strollers) to sleep outdoors during winters as they believe that exposing them to cold fresh air helps build their immunity. So, if you are vacationing in any of these countries i.e. Denmark, Norway, or Sweden and happen see a bunch of unsupervised babies in their strollers outside stores or along pavements, DO NOT PANIC.

Brits love sleeping bare: As astonishing as it may sound but recent surveys have shown that the sleep routine followed by almost 30% of the Brits is to sleep completely naked, even on the coldest nights. Who would have thought that the Brits known for being conservative and uptight actually have a liberal attitude when it comes to sleeping habits.

Spaniards love a "Siesta" and Italians a "Riposo": Spain and Italy have been following the mid-day break culture for centuries now. In Spain all shops and business come to a standstill during the “Siesta”. People close their shops for hours during the afternoon for a family lunch and rest before getting back into the grind. In Italy this is midday snooze time is called as “Riposo”. This culture is sadly in danger today due to changes in the economy and local business laws.

Botswana where sleep has no pattern: Here on the edge of Kalahari Desert live the modern-day hunting tribes known as the "Kung". These tribal people do not follow any sleep routine i.e. they sleep when they are tired irrespective of the time. You could say that they are living a "Kung" size life.

Guatemala sleeps with worry dolls: All over the world kids have their favorite toys such as Barbies, and other action figures that they tuck in with them when sleeping. But in Guatemala kids sleep with their worry dolls for sweet dreams. These dolls are quite different from the conventional dolls as they are dressed-up hand-made dolls no taller than an inch.

People believe that whispering their worries to these dolls and then placing them under the pillows will ensure that you have a sound sleep hence wake up feeling refreshed and cheerful.


Mexican’s prefer Hammocks over beds: For the tropical climate in Mexico hammocks are the best way to sleep as they are light and airy allowing ventilation to keep the body cool. Other than this they also keep away all the crawly creepy insects out of your bed. Pop Quiz: How can you tell a person is a true Mexican? Keep a hammock and a bed in the bedroom, if they sleep on the bed then you are dealing with an IMPOSTER.



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