Know the Best and the Worst Sleeping Postures

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While sleep is an important factor, sleeping in the right posture is equally important. Too little or too much of sleep can lead to major health problems like obesity and heart diseases to diabetes. Also, sleep posture plays a prominent role in heartburn, snoring. How many times have you woken up with a bad neck or back pain? Well, the answer lies in your sleeping posture. Read on to know the best and the worst sleeping postures, and what these snooze-spots do to your health.

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Back Posture – The Best!


You stand to score more in terms of benefits if back-sleeping is your posture. According to sleep experts, sleeping on the back distributes weight evenly on the spine. Besides, it is good for the head and neck too. It is also an ideal sleeping posture to fight acid reflux. As your head is elevated, there is no room for the food or acid to come back up. However, people suffering from sleep apnea should reconsider this posture. Supine posture can worsen Obstructive Sleep Apnea. Snoozing on the back leads to blocking the breathing tube, thus making snoring more severe.

Side Posture - Next Best!


A large majority of people report sleeping on the sides. According to sleep experts, the side sleeping posture is great to prevent neck and back pain. Besides, it also helps in reducing acid reflux. You can enhance this sleeping posture by placing a firm pillow between the knees. This helps in supporting the alignment between the joints and hips.


Fetal Posture – Not Ideal!


Most of the adults choose this sleeping posture saying it helps them doze off quickly. In this, the torso is hunched and knees bent. This posture (when slept on the left side) works great for pregnant ladies, as it helps in improving blood circulation and prevents the uterus from pressing against the liver. Besides, it is also a great posture for snorers. However, sleeping in this posturecan restrict diaphragmatic breathing.

Stomach Posture – The Worst!


While you may feel all relieved when suffering from stomach ache, it is sorry to say;the stomach posture is the worst posture as it does no good. This posture raises thered alarm for neck and back pain but works great for snorers. When sleeping on the stomach, it pulls the belly down, thus hurting the spine curvature. It also puts a lot of pressure on the muscles and joints, leading to numbness, tingling and pain. Just think of the pain you experience when you keep your neck turned to one side for straight 15 minutes! Get ready to experience the same pain the next morning! It does sound bad, isn’t it? You can enhance this posture by placing a pillow (3 inches thick approximately) under the hips and the lower abdomen. This will keep your spine aligned.



Regardless of the health benefits of the right sleep posture, people tend to sleep in the posture; they are comfortable in. Visit to know more on other aspects of good sleep and how it affects your health. Do not forget to take the Sleep-O-Meter test to know if you are sleep deprived.



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