Music an Integral Part of Sleep Hygiene

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For centuries lullabies have been helping our little ones sleep better, but does music help adults also sleep better? Sleep experts testing new sleep therapies confirm that adults suffering from sleep disorders sleep better and longer when they listen to music before bedtime.

People with sleep related issues are more susceptible to conditions like obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart attacks. Fortunately like other mediums of sleep therapies, music therapy has also been scientifically proven to help treat sleep disorders.

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listen to music before bedtime helps sleep better

Today musicians are working with sound therapists to create ultimate sleep songs. Marconi Union created one such song "Weightless" with the British Academy of Sound Therapy and now is rated as the most relaxing song by sleep therapists. The classics like the Clair de Lune, Canzonetta Sul-aria, Erik Satie-Gymnopedie No.1, Gustav Holst-Venus, Chopin Nocturne Op.9 No.2, Beethoven-Moonlight Sonata, and J.S Bach have been time and again scientifically proven to help relax and sleep better.

music reduces stress and pain

So how does Music help?

Let's understand how music assists in triggering certain physiological changes in our body to help us relax and sleep better. Music affects an individual’s emotional status and as a reaction to this stimulus the brain initiates the process of lowering the body’s blood pressure, heart rate, while increasing the release of hormones like endogenous opioids and oxytocin to reduce stress and pain that are the usual suspects for disturbed sleep.

Rock, Pop, Jazz, Classics, Blues…which one to choose?

Experts are of the opinion that any music with a rhythm of approximately 60 beats a minute can help us fall asleep faster. Music that stirs any kind of emotional response (positive or negative), has a fast tempo or the sound of heavy instruments like electric guitar, drums etc. must be avoided before bedtime. Apart from classical and slow jazz the other kinds of music that can help unwind are

  • Music that plays sounds like ocean waves and rain.
  • Audio books and podcasts which help mind focus on the voice and blur other stress and worries. Trick is to avoid stimulating books like thriller or horror stories.
  • Meditation songs, OM chants and Buddhist chants can also help in inducing sleep.
60 beats a minute can help us fall asleep faster

Sleep Playlist, a real thing?

With websites like,,, and in the picture, creating a sleep playlist is child's play as songs can be directly downloaded or streamed from these websites. For those who aren’t a fan of classical music there are many new songs in the top 20 sleep playlist of Spotify like Thinking out Loud and I see Fire by Ed Sheeran, Take me to church by Hozier, Stay with me and I’m not the only one by Sam Smith, Let her Go by Passenger, and Love Me Like You Do by Ellie Goulding.

In a nutshell, music is definitely a better choice if you want to sleep better than the pharmaceutical options available as music is not only more cost effective it also does not have any side effects. So go ahead, create your sleep playlist, and sleep just like babies do.



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