5 Things You Should Know About Sleep, According To A Sleep Doctor

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Dr Nitun Verma is a Stanford – trained sleep specialist. He has helped sleep-deprived people to get optimum sleep to better their lifestyle, alleviate stress and regulate PH levels. Here are five important questions about sleep; he shed light on, in Reddit.

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1. How much sleep should you get every night?


It is mandatory to get at least 7 to 9 hours of sleep.

2. The biggest sleep myth ever - Debunked!


It is a widespread belief that people who are habituated to get a low amount of sleep can actually do with sleeping for as many hours they do and do not need a full sleep. This is simply outrageous according to Dr Verma. He says that people who are not used to sleeping for the required amount of time are actually hampering their brain because as much as it is true that people might not feel sleepy as they used to but they become increasingly lazy and less productive.


3. Did you know about REM or Rapid Eye Movement sleep?


Dr Verma says that people dream most during the REM sleep. However, this doesn’t carry on for the entire time one sleeps. He further states that if a person sleeps for about eight hours, the first REM period would actually be quite short. He claims that there is way more REM in the second half of the night.

4. Decoding the reason why some people take too long to fall asleep


According to Dr Verma, there are some people who actually want to sleep, however; their eyes are inclined not to. The most ordinary reason to take too long to catch some zzz’s is insomnia. Insomnia can be triggered by myriad reasons which may range from stress, anxiety, and certain medications.


5. About a restless mind and the frailty of sleep


Dr Verma reveals that this is an extremely common phenomenon. He also stated that this is often misdiagnosed because it is difficult for one to tell whether it is insomnia or a 'delayed sleep phase syndrome.' Dr Verma asserts that this can be corrected but not by just going off to sleep early. He said that this could be easily treated by light exposure instead of choosing medications. This could be done by getting bright light exposure just after waking and a dark ambience just a few hours before bed. He justifies that this contrast "shifts alertness and sleepiness earlier, so you’d wake happier in the morning and sleep faster during the night."

6. Waking up a few times every night is okay or not?


Some people think that it is not okay to wake up a few times in sleep. However, Dr Verma clarifies that throughout his career he has never seen any sleep study that was conducted "where the subject kept sleeping for eight hours without any arousals". Dr Verma contends that "unless you have other symptoms", waking up a few times every night is alright but only if you are "healthy and fall asleep quickly."


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