Simple Benefits of a Good Night’s Sleep

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While you were growing up, surely you were the recipient of endless conversations, emphasising the importance of sleep. As you progressed to adulthood, you may have discovered the advantages, if not the joys of other activities that would lead you to compromise on your sleep. No doubt, such decisions would lead you to have more time, but it would also open a metaphorical Pandora’s Box of sleep-related problems. These problems may not seem important in the beginning but can hit you later as you grow older.

Here are five important benefits of sleeping well:

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Benefits of good night's sleep
Sleep helps regulate your weight

Sleep helps regulate your weight: One of the most noticeable gains of a good night’s sleep is the effect it has on our weight. Yes! Any change in your sleep patterns will increase your risk of weight gain. The reason? Sound sleep allows your body to relax, thus maintaining the appropriate level of the hormone Leptin. This 'satiety' hormone helps in regulating your body's energy balance, by inhibiting hunger. Any disruption here would result in the drop of this hormone level, forcing your body to seek more energy, thus, leading to the consumption of more food.

Sleep helps deal with pain: If you suffer from pain brought on by any recent injury or chronic disorders, getting sufficient sleep is crucial. In fact, studies have suggested that good sleep will supplement medication for pain. But what is the reason behind it? Our bodies have a natural tendency to release inflammatory proteins in the case of injuries or chronic disorders such as arthritis. Lack of sleep disrupts the body's natural functioning which leads to a release of more inflammatory proteins. So sleep well, and you will notice how well you can manage the pain.

Sleep helps between the sheets: Studies have indicated that sleep deprivation can lead to the lowering of testosterone levels in men. This could eventually result in problems such as erectile dysfunction. With women, it could lead to sexual distress. All in all, you need a decent worth of sleep if you want to be your best where it matters the most.

good night's sleep helps

Sleep contributes to your mood: While this may seem like a no-brainer, but a good night's sleep will help affect your mood. It may not guarantee complete happiness, but sufficient sleep will help keep you rejuvenated. It will also assist you in combating exhaustion while allowing your body enough time to recuperate and rebuild its resources. In fact, studies have proven that lack of sleep can affect or contribute to an unbalanced emotional regulation.

At the end of the day, a good night's sleep helps to give your body the time it needs to rejuvenate, heal and rebuild. Not giving ourselves that time can leave us in a vulnerable position, both physically and emotionally.




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