Sleep Better, Work Better

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In today’s world of technology where some jobs demand being online 24/7, a good night’s sleep becomes a luxury. Checking mobile phones and tabs for updates, logging on to the laptop to stay connected with remotely located colleagues has become the norm. All this when we are fully aware that a good night’s sleep is paramount to our well-being. Not just health, research reveals that sleep can also be a factor that affects our career. Yes, if you sleep better, you will work better.

Let’s look at how sleep adversely affects productivity at work.

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good night’s sleep help to work better


improper sleep cause forgetfulness

Even though our bodies rest while we sleep, our brain does quite the opposite. It processes the information stowed away in short term memory and moves it in bits and pieces to long term memory. Thus, making the short term memory ready to imbibe more information when you wake up. Lack of sleep disturbs this processing and results into absent-mindedness.



Sleep does a lot good for your body than you can imagine.
Dealing with a client while updating the excel sheet with numbers? Sounds normal, right? Most jobs today demand performing dual roles simultaneously or switching between multiple roles. This is something your employer values but your brain, not so much. The brain has a tendency to switch off when you multitask often. And if you haven’t slept well enough, the brain is likely to switch off quicker than you can imagine.

improper sleep affect multitasking ability


good sleep improves food intake capacity

When you sleep the brain releases hormones that regulate the food intake capacity in your body. If you are well rested, the hormones also work in your favour thus making you more active the next day. Thus if you complete the minimum sleep cycle of seven hours, you can be assured that you will eat better the next day. When your hunger and satiety is taken care of, you will also sail through work effortlessly.



People who sleep lesser hours are more likely to react emotionally or negatively to a situation. The area of the brain that regulates emotions like anger and frustration requires enough sleep to function. Sleep deprivation can make you irritable, hostile and not that great a co-worker to have around.

improper sleep make you act emotionally

Cognitive skills

irregular sleep causes impairment of attention

Impairment of attention, vigilance and learning ability are common symptoms in those who sleep less hours. Cognitive skills or the skill to learn, remember and pay attention diminish. The part of the brain that processes errors and judgement depends on sleep and wakefulness of a person. One of the consequences of insufficient sleep is reduced efficiency and alertness.

Henceforth, if you find yourself zoning out during meetings, you may want to reconsider your sleep habits. A deep sleep every day is important for the brain to store information longer. Think again before staying up late to watch TV or browsing on the iPad. Slacking off at your job can be a huge price to pay for it. Inculcate a disciplined sleep schedule into your day so that your productivity at work is at its best too!




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