Child’s Sleep Habits Questionnaire

(For pre-school and school-aged children)

A good night’s rest is important for everyone but it is most critical for children. In children lack of sleep directly impacts mental and physical development.

The Child’s Sleep Habits Questionnaire has been developed to help you ascertain if your child’s sleep habits need any change and if yes what might be the best way of doing so.

The questionnaire has been crafted by a set of Sleep experts from the International Institute of Sleep Sciences along with ERNST & YOUNG. Your child’s info shall be evaluated by these experts and you will be informed via SMS when your child’s Sleep Report Card is ready. You can access the same on the sleepat10 website online.

The questionnaire has 3 parts – Personal Info, General Info and The Child's Sleep Habits. It will require about 20 min of your time to answer all the questions and you may choose to do this in parts, as the questionnaire can be retrieved using your mobile number and OTP.

Request you spare a few minutes and read the instructions before you begin.