Is Sleeping on the Right Side …Right?

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We all know that sleep acts as that mystic potion which repairs and rejuvenates our body and mind overnight, but did you also know that sleeping in the wrong posture over a period leads to multiple health issues. Most of us have experienced aches and pains on only one side of the body i.e. either the right or left of our body. These pains are usually related to the head, shoulder, neck, stomach, and back. The primary cause of such one sided aches is incorrect sleeping posture. Our body reacts adversely to incorrect sleeping posture because though externally the human body may seem alike or symmetrical on the left and right side, internally it is not. Organs such as the heart, stomach, lymph nodes, spleen, and urinary bladder are all located on the left side of our body. It has been scientifically proven that the direction (left or right) we choose to sleep in determines how our heart, digestion, and brain will function. This article explains the science behind the how and why of this concept.

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Improved Heart Function: The largest artery which pumps blood from the heart, the aorta is arched to the left hence if we sleep on the right side the earth’s gravity works against the heart's functioning making it work twice as hard to pump blood.Thus sleeping on the left side puts less burden on the heart asthe gravity works for and not against the pumping action.

Improved Digestion: Like the heart the other big player in our body, the stomach, is also located on the left side. Stomach contains bile juice which helps the digestion process. Sleeping on the left side ensures maximum exposure of food to the bile juice hence faster digestion whereas sleeping on the right will slow down the digestion process. People who suffer from indigestion, heartburns, and irregular bowel movements must sleep on their left side to overcome these health issues.

Booster for Brain: As the brain is centrally located sleeping on either side actually doesn’t impact it’s functioning directly, however it has an effect on the brain’s waste clearing system or the glymphatic system. The left sideof our body is apparently the dominant lymphatic side. Our brain creates certain toxins that are flushed through this lymphatic system and by sleeping on the left side the earth’s gravitational pull makes this process more efficient. Thus, in a way sleeping on the left helps in keeping the brain clean and sparkly.

Supine position: Sleeping on your back may worsen untreated or undiagnosed sleep apnea. Head elevation can help reduce acid reflux symptoms.


For longer and healthier lifeboth age-old traditions and modern science advocate sleeping on the left side as it helps improve bodily functions and thereby keep problems related to heart and stomach at bay.Henceforth,consciously try to sleep on your left side as with regards to sleeping LEFT is always RIGHT.



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