Snoring Woes? Some Easy Home Remedies

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We all have that one family member, close relative or a friend whose snore stories are infamously famous. The sounds they make when asleep are compared from Darth Vader’s breathing to a whirring of a motorcycle and at times even to the sawing of wood. Some snore so loudly that you would think they could bring down an airplane or even wake the dead.

Unfortunately, snorers usually don’t realize they snore unless their partner complains and proves it to them by recording their snoring episodes. It may seem funny to mock snorers but those who bear its brunt (usually the one sleeping beside a snorer) go through an immense emotional and physical trauma due to repeated sleep disturbances.

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For people who suffer from mild to moderate snoring there are some tried and tested life style changes and home remedies that will help reduce / stop the snore woes. However, you must be patient and consistent when working on these as it takes time for our body to adjust to these changes.


1. Shed those extra pounds

Regularity is the Key: During vacations most of us tend to wake up close to the normal wake time without alarms due to our circadian cycle. The thought of not waking up to alarms and having a morning ritual to follow creates a sense of serenity within you. These early vacation mornings are a gift you can give yourself, with kids still asleep you can indulge in things you always wished for but couldn’t due to other priorities.

2. Correct sleep posture

Many a times just sleeping in the correct posture can put an end to your snores. Avoid sleeping postures that would block your nasal passage such as sleeping on your back, instead sleep on your sides or stomach. Use a pillow of correct height and texture (not too hard or soft) to elevate your head. The right kind of pillow helps align the spine, throat, and neck to keep the air-passages clear where as a wrong one can cause an additional pain i.e. neck pain.

3. Identify your Allergies

The reason for your snoring could be allergies to certain food groups such as dairy products – lactose intolerance, wheat products – gluten intolerance, and meat – usually red meat. Find out what you are allergic to and replace them with alternatives such as dairy free, gluten free products, and red meat with other meat such as chicken and fish.

Other than food, the trigger for your snores could be allergy towards household dust-mites or pet hair.Vacuum and wash your bedding regularly and don’t let your pets come on your bed. If you are suffering from seasonal allergies like pollens and mold spores consult a doctor.


4. Tips to keep your airway clear

For those who don’t suffer from any allergies, but still face snore-woes here are some tips to help keep your nasal passage moist and clear,

  • Staying hydrated throughout the day
  • Curtail your smoking and drinking and preferably avoid it at bedtime
  • Take a hot shower just before bed
  • De-clog your nasal passage through Neti pot or by using nasal strips
  • Use a humidifier to keep your bedroom environment moist
  • If you suffer from common cold and cough consume herbal teas such as ginger, honey and Tulsi that have medicinal values. They will help your body fight against these viruses.

We all snore occasionally however at times we may be unaware about the severity of the problem. Maintain a sleep dairy or use Sleep Apps to monitor your sleep cycle. If you observe any of the mentioned symptoms consult a doctor immediately.

  • Feeling excessively tired during the day
  • Waking-up often during the night on account of feeling choked or breathlessness

There are several over-the-counter gadgets and products available in the market that boast of resolving snoring issues but beware before you spend on these as most of them aren’t scientifically proven. So, don’t bank on these and first try these home remedies.




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