How to survive after a sleepless night

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There are days when you’re able to follow your sleep regime without any problem and then there are days when you just can’t seem to get the sleep your body needs. The reason could be late night partying neighbors, dogs howling, demanding job, or you just staring at the electronic screen binging on your favorite show. What comes after this is the dreadful feeling in your gut swelling gradually as you see the sun’s ray slowly fill your bedroom. Sadly, for you the previous night isn’t over whereas for the universe it’s a brand-new day.

The day following a sleepless night is usually unproductive as your concentration, focus and energy levels are extremely low since both your body and mind are fatigued.

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So, what does one do after a sleepless night? Chances of your boss accepting your leave application so that you may catch-up on lost sleep is like finding treasure at the end of rainbow. So, it may seem like you have only two choices; drag yourself to office and try to get through the day or take an unplanned leave. Well, what if you had a third option wherein you can make your day productive without being testy and agitated. Here are some tips on how to make it through the day after a sleepless night.

Prioritize your work: When taking a day-off isn’t an option then the only way-out is prioritization. List your activities for the next day according to its urgency and importance. Focus only on those which are both (urgent and important) and postpone other activities for the next day. Avoid activities that are repetitive, mundane or those that require multitasking. The very nature of these activities is such that it will increase the chances of error due to boredom and lack of concentration.


Start your day with simple workout: The best way to simulate blood circulation from head to toe is by exercising. Since your body is already fatigued due to sleep deprivation stick to low intensity workouts like stretches and mild cardio, avoid anything strenuous as it will make your energy levels crash faster. Exercise followed by a specific shower regime helps for example, alternating between hot and cold shower is said help pump the blood flow in the body. The thing to remember here is to always end with a cold shower.

Use scents that help energize mind: The aroma of orange, lemon, eucalyptus, peppermint and rosemary is said to have a simulating and energizing effect on human mind. There are several ways to introduce these aromas in your day to keep you fresh and alert. Start the day by having a glass of orange juice or lemon honey juice or squeeze ample lemon juice in your salad. This dose of vitamin C will help recharge your mind. To help you stay alert at work spray or dab some essential oils like peppermint, eucalyptus, or rosemary on your inner wrist. Every time you feel your eyes droop take a whiff of the scent and Shazam!! just like that you should be back in action.

Eat and drink right: The first thing you eat will determine how far you will survive the day after a sleepless night. Your breakfast should be high protein and low carb such as eggs, salads, nuts along with a cup of strong coffee. As our body is tired and sleepy the mind will be inclined towards food items that are sugary and high in carbs, avoid these as they temporarily boost energy level only to cause an instant energy crash. Combination of sleep deprivation and dehydration severely impacts the ability to focus and concentrate therefore drink plenty of water during the day.


Once a while having a sleepless night is harmless. However, we live in a 24*7 working environment and hence occurrences of sleepless nights are more often than we’d like. Prolonged sleep deprivation leads to many health hazards and therefore when it comes to sleep, prevention and precaution is always better than cure.



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