Tips on choosing the right Mattress for the perfect sleep

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With today’s demanding lifestyle we are barely able to set aside 7-8 hours for sleep of which usually 30 to 45 mins is spent tossing around on the mattress in an effort to fall sleep. Why do you toss around…Well it could be many reasons like indigestion, late dinner etc. or it could simply be because the mattress you’re sleeping on isn’t the right one for you.

A good mattress will help you achieve that precious sleep faster and help your body and mind rest and repair itself night-after-night. It is therefore absolutely necessary to invest time and money when shopping for a mattress as your overall health greatly depends on how well you sleep.

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Choose right mattress for good sleep
type of mattress matters for good sleep

Eeny- Meeny-Miny-Mo…How do I know which one to pick?

Before sauntering out to shop for a mattress you need to answer some questions to know exactly the cause for your sleepless nights.

  1. Are you suffering from chronic pains in the back, shoulder, or neck?
  2. Do you have any blood circulation related problem?
  3. Do you have any allergies towards dust, lint, latex, foam, or cotton?

In absence of this data if you go ahead and buy a mattress it may only lead to many more uncomfortable and sleepless nights. This prolonged sleep debt can escalate a pre-existing minor medical condition into something serious. Hence, spend some time to understand exactly what you want from your new mattress.

Is a hard mattress better than soft?

There are many types of mattresses available today in the market and each have their own pros and cons. Many people when shopping for a mattress ask for a firm one as over the years people have come to believe that such mattresses are good for the back. Although this is true to the extent that it does help support the back but at the same time depending on your sleep posture it tends to put excessive pressure on certain body parts such as shoulders, hip, and neck. This physical discomfort can be the cause fordisturbed sleep.

wrong sleep posture cause physical discomforts
comfortable mattress range by godrej interio

The main criteria when buying a mattress should be its comfort and feel. A mattress which supports the weight of the person sleeping on it is considered as a good one. Godrej Interio is one such company that has designed a mattress that caters to a larger number of people. They have identified 3 broad categories of body weight and build for whom this mattress would be perfect. This makes a buyers task simpler and less time consuming. Feel of a mattress on the other hand is subjective i.e. if a mattress feels soft for a person the same mattress could feel medium firm for another individual. Asking the right questions to the salesperson will help you take an informed decision for example "What kind of support does the mattress provide, does it support the heaviest body parts such as shoulder and hips"?

Sleep posture MATTERS when choosing a mattress

This is probably the most important point to consider when buying a new mattress as every sleep posture requires a different level of mattress firmness.When sleeping if your dominant sleep posture is sleeping on your back then you require a mattress that has a firmness level of 4-7. This level of firmness supports the back by maintaining the natural alignment of your spine while relieving the pressure on joints. Mattresses that provide this level of firmness are Memory Foam and Latex. If you are a side sleeper then you need a mattress of firmness level 3-6 as the mattress has to be soft enough to adjust as per the bodycontour to avoid pressure on neck and back. For those who sleep on their stomach the surface of the mattress should be absolutely flat and its firmness range should be of 5-7, however it is not recommend sleeping on your stomach and advised to change that habit.

Sleep Posture matters for choosing mattress

You sleep well only when every part of your body is relaxed and rested. Body alignment therefore is crucial for a good night’s sleep and this totally depends on how well your mattress supports your body. With all the above tips hope you’ve become a wee bit wiser in knowing which mattress is best for your sleep.



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