Tips on how to reset your body clock to wake-up early

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A person’s wake and sleep pattern depends on how their body clock has been set. So if you are not a morning person but would like to be one, then here are some simple tips to help you reset your body clock seamlessly.

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Put sleep on your schedule: First, you need to create a sleep schedule according to your needs i.e. at what time you wish to wake-up. The next step is to organise your daily activities such that you are able to go to bed at least 9-10 hours before your wake-up time. Following this will need patience and perseverance, as initially you will fail but the key lies in experimenting, evaluating, and correcting the schedule repeatedly till you’ve achieved you’re goal.

Gradually you will notice that your body clock has adjusted and you are able to wake-up daily at the same time without hitting the snooze button.

Plan your mornings: Streamlining your activities will help make your mornings less frantic.

You can save 20-30 mins of your morning time by completing certain chores such as selecting the office attire, polishing shoes, packing your bag, and prepping for breakfast the previous evening.

This extra time can be utilised to get some more sleep, have a relaxed breakfast, or going for a walk.


Rethink your meals: Every part of our body follows its own clock, for e.g organs like liver, pancreas, intestines follow their own clock for digestion. Hence if you’ve had a late or a very heavy dinner these organs will have to work overtime which delays the sleep process. For quality sleep always eat an early and light dinner.

Time your stimulants: Coffee during the day helps you focus and stay alert however having it close to bedtime stimulates your brain delaying the sleep process. Other stimulants like alcohol, energy drinks, and caffeinated drinks must also be avoided at bed time as they also disrupt the body clock.

Keep the gadgets away: If you’ve slept enough then you will wake-up early feeling fresh. However most of us are habituated to handling electronic gadgets like Laptop, Mobile phone, Kindle, and Television on the bed or at bedtime. The light emitted from the screens of these devices delay the sleep process thereby disrupting the body clock. To improve sleep quality and quantity keep your bedroom free of all electronic gadgets.

Lastly, how can you ensure that you wake-up at the first sound of alarm instead of snoozing it? Well the trick is simple. Keep the alarm far away from your bedside so that you have to get out of bed to turn it off. The probability of you going back to sleep thereafter is definitely lower.

So now that you are armed with these simple tips, make the necessary changes in your lifestyle to reset your body clock and wake-up early feeling well-rested and fresh.



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